Josh j Smith

March 18, 2005, 2:54 am
Filed under: theology

Today, along with my good friend Buhrtrane, went and cleaned out my stuff from Church. I was an intern for about 3-4 years now. It was a little sad. We sat that there telling stories, laughing, and shootin the poop. It was fun. I am really going to miss Rev. Jason, Acting Chad, Singing Holmes, and mother Joyce. You really get to know people when you spend hours upon hours with them day in day out.

People say that it is life. I say it too. But is it? Is it life just moving from place to place meeting people, starting over, breaking off… We say that it is life b/c it happens, and we choose sometimes/most of the time to have it that way. Is it us? Is it the culture? How much should we let the culture determine how we live? People are considered cowards when they choose people and staying close to friends and family – is that what they are? I know it depends on context, but maybe our society has it all wrong. Will it change or will we? Should it change or should we? Should it stay the same?

I know…you are probably saying, “This guy is crazy. You are only moving away, you will make new friends.” I might be crazy. That is okay because this is unrated rantings baby…I just write…with a spell check on the end.



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i am one of the “you who are saying”. well i may not be saying but i am listening.

Comment by Ben

ha smitty i going to miss you i had a lot of fun at obx some one shaid that you are leaveing the lcbc why is that i like hung with you at the chuch you are a cool guy

Comment by Anonymous

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