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Good things – a God thing
March 20, 2005, 7:33 pm
Filed under: theology

Well I had let you all know that I went through withdrawal the other day. The good things are that we…Engelina and I are moving are to good and exciting things. I will hopefully get accepted into seminary and persue my masters, work in a church called BranchCreek community church with my good friend Mike the youth pastor Harder. Engelina will find a good paying job, by the grace of God.

So we visited a few times. I still have not come home the right way yet. Getting lost is a hobby for Engelina and I. Anyway, the last time we visited was on a spur of the moment because Mike the youth pastor Harder called me with an apartment to check out. So I called the owner…we wanted to go check it out. We went and checked it out. We liked it. We got it. We start paying on it in April – thanks to Engelina’s parents who are helping us out financially. It really is a God thing because we prayed specifically for God to provide for us in a certain way and He did…above and beyone what we asked and expected. Good things – a God thing.

We are waiting to hear more information from BranchCreek Community Church with the details on what my role is going to look like in the youth ministry there.

I still have to finish my application for seminary. yeesh, I love applications, Syke!

Some people are wondering why I have to leave. Sometimes I asked the same question. But after seeing how God is providing for us with good things like an apartment, I am becoming more and more confident that Philly is where we are supposed to be going. We are not sure why yet…ask us in a few years. It is one of those times when you can only see a few steps in front, then we have to trust that the path and the light will lead us as long as we keep trusting them – the light; the path.


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hey smitty, its ash….i had no idea that you are gonna leave the church and go to philly….but thats awesome that you get to work with mike…im sure its for the right reason…well thats all…ttyl…have a great week…heres my site…

Comment by Ash Singer

Hey…Its Katie..Misnik…Well, thats interesting your leaving..thats what was hard about youth group these last few months…mike left and you kinda took over but I didnt want to get close to you like I did Mike since you were most likely leaving to….well I guess the bright side is that church will have an amazing youth group with you and mike…Good luck!


Comment by Katie

hey smitty. id have to agree with katie…

that youth group is going to be one freaking awesome place. those lucky kids…

im praying for you and gina!!

Comment by Jen

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