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Normal operation has resumed
March 31, 2005, 2:30 pm
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Normal operation has resumed
Normal operation has resumed,
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Normal operation has resumed because I am back at school again after spring break. As far as going to south for the typical college spring break…I made it to Maryland. We passed on going to curly haired Jason’s in-laws in Georgia. However, I did get to do some really great things over spring break during Engelina’s and I travels between Pittsburgh and Maryland.

Here are some interesting things that happened.

Engelina and I went to buy a simple soda at Chick Fil-A and I got charged $30 on my debit card. I complained days later and still got my money back…Honestly I don’t know if I paid for the soda though…Oops!

I got to use a jack-hammer and break up a cement porch with other men. I felt real manly that day. I had to wear ear plugs, glasses, gloves, steal toed boots…It was great!

I had to dig 3ft holes 20 inches wide the same day. I felt real tired after that.

My family along with Engelina and I went to the Strip district in Pittsburgh and went to this place called Suseri’s. They had really good pepperoni rolls, people who worked with the mob (maybe), and a guy who made the food with a big fat stogie sticking out of his mouth. He was so good at this that it looked like his mouth was permanently formed to fit a half inch stogie in it. It was a Kodak moment.

I did homework…Not enough!

I watched TV…Probably too much

I spent time with my nieces – Jenna the basketball player and Addy the gymnastics queen. Jenna is around 11 or 12 and Addy is around 3 or 4. Addy likes to sit on my shoulders.

Went to get Engelina’s wedding band made, but the jewelers did not have the ring that we were basing it off of…That was very disappointing.

We dipped spoons into chocolate for a wedding shower.

Went to church on Easter

This is interesting …While we were at church – Engelina and I – I saw my old girlfriend from High school…That was weird even though we did not talk.

Then we drove in the pouring down rain and almost wrecked b/c we hydro-planed…That was fun.

Peace out folks


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