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get your own food
May 24, 2005, 12:53 pm
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Lately I have been thinking about what people say about church. Usually when people think about church it is one hour gathering that happens once a week. I am tired of people saying that the teaching is not deep enough. Even in youth groups, teenagers are saying that they NEED something deeper.

It is interesting, however, that I found the opposite discussion between church leaders and the congregation in the letter to the Hebrews. It is opposite, yet the same. They were living off of the surface teachings, the basics, but did not know what was right and how to live in obedience. They were satisfied with religion, not life change in themselves or in others.

How many times do we go to church and complain we NEED something deeper, but in all actuality, what was being taught we never obeyed or taught others. The truth is we are hungry (which is good), but we are too lazy to feed ourselves. We need someone else to do it for us…once a week.

Imagine a child who gets fed by the parents once a week. Is that a healthy baby? Now imagine that same child ten years later still being fed by the parents only once a week. Not only is that person unhealthy, but they are weird!


new job journeys
May 18, 2005, 3:19 pm
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Street Scene Mural
Street Scene Mural,
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Well, it is official. I graduated college on Saturday and Tuesday I started what everyone calls life. Don’t ask me what everything was leading up to this point. At the last minute Mike called and said that I could start ASAP. So I started the next day, which was yesterday.

My first day consisted of moving things around in my new office and spending 5 hours in the car with Mike. Get this we just sat in a parking lot in the car and talked. Syke! We went on a road trip to Baltimore for a meeting that. I got to go tag along and play basketball and eat free food. With cheese cake as a desert…sweet first day ha?

Well peace out to all my fans… stay tuned for more updates for Philly.