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July 27, 2005, 3:02 pm
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now that Engelina and i have a home to live in, we needed a little extra company for when i go away and for our entertainment since we rarely watch tv.

so we got in our car and went to nationally known super market for pets, Pet’s’Mart! our options were limited to aquatic creatures b/c the nice people we rent off of do not want us to have pets (like dogs, cats, etc).

my wife and i have been planning on getting a fish for a while, and calling the fish Jeffrey…after my middle name. Jeffrey was supposed to be a goldfish, which i found out after we bought a beta fish.

so we are in the car leaving the super market for pets and said, “so, this is Jeffrey” My wife quickly responded, “NO, you cannot name a Japanese fighting fish Jeffrey.” I did not know the rules for nameing fish, but I said OK.

After that conversation i predicted that the next fifteen minutes on the way home will be spent brainstorming over what name would fit a Japanese fighting fish. However, my prediction was wrong. This is because i had an epiphany. I said, “We shall name him SUSHI” (i did not say that way actually, but it adds a good affect to the story). My wife laughed and agreed. I was really happy!

fifty dollars, three other fish, and a road trip from Maryland, sushi is now living with an algi sucker in a tank that has bubbles and a filter to make is life all the more enjoyable. We think he is happier because his colors are brighter. The other fish died, not from sushi but another fish, so we flushed that killer fish down the toilet.