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Discovering the Sabbath
September 6, 2005, 6:08 pm
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Smokin' Word
Smokin’ Word,
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I had read a bit of Abraham Joshua Heschel’s book The Sabbath, and from that little bit I decided that the Sabbath was essential to our physical, mental, spiritual, and relational health. So we are trying to keep the Sabbath.

For us it is on Saturdays b/c we both do not have work. We spend time together resting, sleeping, eating, hanging out with friends in a relaxed manner, and enjoy not having plans. Recently the mystery and magic of the Chronicles of Narnia have captured us. While we were at the park my wife read to me.
Our faith community offers services on Saturday nights so we try to go the gatherings not having to worry about youth programs, children programs, meetings, etc. You know the stuff that Sundays usually get bogged down with for a Pastor’s family.

Observations so far: we notice a difference when we are not able to celebrate the Sabbath for some reason. Two, we are still shaping what it looks like thus taking any advice from veterans, and I am (little by little) researching the Scriptures and the Jewish community for spiritual depth.

Anyone can feel free to give suggestions.


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hey Smitty!! hope you and Gina are doing well!! i miss you Smitty….i agree with ur first observation on “how we can notice a difference when we are not able to celebrate the Sabbath” i work just about every day, since i am the only fulltime salad prep, and the day that i have off,i tend to sleep a lot cuz im so tired from the week, but in the evenings i hang out with friends…….the day that i have off is usually during the week and not the weekends, i’ve been falling from God recently, its hard to get back to Him cuz im never able to go to the church services, i work every Sunday….ttyl


Comment by Ash Singer

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