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October 19, 2005, 2:43 pm
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Josh & Gina wedding 037
Josh & Gina wedding 037,
originally uploaded by jj smith.

It has been nearly four months since we tied the knot. Good times! It goes so fast.

Our good friends the Mitchell’s told us that one of the most important things to do in your marriage and even in the first year of marriage is to make memories.

So I wanted to share some of our good memories with everyone else.

– Our honeymoon. There are a lot of memories packed into this one category that deserves its own blog.

– Road trip to pittsburgh. It was great b/c we got to spend quality time with the fam and my best friend Rucc (Adam Ruccio, who i have known since middle school).

– Going to the park in the summer. There were a couple of Sunday afternoons and Saturdays that we would go and spend time in the park on a blanket. We talked, read, and relaxed. The best was when Engelina (my wife) read to me the Chronicles of Narnia.

– Laughing. There are a couple of specific memories with laughing, but overall we love to laugh with each other. Engelina is starting to laugh at my joke a lot more… I like that

– Road trip to Kings Dominion. We went to Virginia with our good friends Megan and Ryan who live in NC. We got caught in the worse traffic of my life and when we got there after 4 hour trip (what normally is two hours), we rode two rides and left b/c it was so cot-pickin hot and crowded. This was so much fun, b/c we laughed and talked in the car for about 7 hours.

– Our recent get-a-way to Lancaster with our good friends from college. It is great to see friends.

It is really cool to see what remembering does. It has the ability to change. That is interesting.

Maybe the trouble with broken relationships between people and people and God is because we forget all the time.


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It’s nice to read ur article title memories…
yup it’s incredible to have alot of unforgotten memories in our life especially with someone who we love so much…
Make more memories and collect all in a kaleiodoskop of memories as much as we can.. it will life in our hearts forever…
GOD Bless u and ur family…

nb: check out my blog also

Comment by BlessingStars

that would explain alot..

i always learn something from your blogs smitty

Comment by Josh

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