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the mac life
October 24, 2005, 5:35 pm
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Well as some of you know I have joined the mac life. Although, it was partly by accident, or God’s provision… seriously!
Ben, my brother that I inherited through Engelina, gave us a late wedding gift… it was a mac powerbook. Then my wife had some money from her old bank account in MD, and she allowed me to use that money to get an ipod.

So I thought I would let you all know that I have joined the mac life. It is weird. The following explains why:

– When you see a fellow macie, it is a similar experience when you see people who have the same car or are driving a bus, and they wave at each other even thought they have no idea who the person is and will never see them again.

– When mac people get around all they do is talk about their computer.

– Non mac people are interested in the whole thing. The other day three of us (macies) were sitting in class at one table and our Prof. came up to us and said, “Is this the mac table?” and for the next five minutes we preceded to talk about the rise of mac computers. Also, when I took my mac into the the tech person to get configured for wireless internet at school, he said, “Oh! you have a mac!”

– There are websites, which I have NOT visited, that unite all Christian mac users. THAT IS WIERD!!!

I enjoy the mac life, but I dont know if I enjoy the mac cult.

jj smith


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hi smitty! i’m so glad i heard from you…i miss you and gina so much, i was thinking about you guys this past week, seriously because i looked at the semp picture in joyce’s office…i’m glad that things are going well for you two…hopefully i’ll get to stop by sometime soon…i’m really busy though and its crazy and sometimes stressful, but that’s the stuff that keeps me moving and prevents me from becoming a couch potato, or in my case a computer chair potato

i hope you have a great day!

Comment by court keiser

hey homie. this is christi albon. i hope you are doing well up there and im sure your new youth group is in love with you, because i know ours was πŸ™‚

god bless you joshua smith


Comment by Anonymous

that made me laugh

i am not in the mac life. im still a “farmer in the dell”

yes i just made that up

Comment by Josh

i just blogged. haha blogged, cool word

i have a football game tomorrow at pennfield at 3:15 if you can come watch that would be cool

Comment by Josh

i got a sack but we still lost. it was like 56-46 or something

Yeah it is hard to live differently. but i try

Comment by Josh

thanks for coming to my game it really meant a lot. πŸ™‚

P.S. you know you like that run ha. i prayed for something like that right before the ball got kicked

Comment by Josh

i have blogged

Comment by Josh

hey mac friend…hello and welcome to the club πŸ™‚ how are you?

Comment by Katka

have i now officially become apart of the mac life? i have an ipod

Comment by Josh

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