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Dear Spotting & Earrings
December 7, 2005, 4:05 pm
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I have done something recently that has made me feel a little on the rebellious side… I pierced my ears. The experience was a little weird b/c I did it in the mall in one of those booths where everyone can see you. So, I had to act tough. The other thing that was weird was the smell of the place. I think the lady had just eaten lunch and I think she had tuna. I was really afraid that I was going to end up throwing up b/c the mixture of getting holes pocked into my ears and tuna did not settle well in my mind… it still doesn’t.

Also, me and two friends went dear spotting @ 1 am. This I had never done before. it was a lot of fun, besides the fact that the spotter kept dying from having a weak battery. We saw a bunch of dear, and one buck. i think they like to play games with us. There was one time when we found a buck and he rand into the brush to hide but he was still staring at us. We turned around to get a better look and he was gone. Sneaky little guy!

One last thing, I went into Hot Topic to find some cooler earrings, and I decided to gauge my ear. I went from 18g to a 12g. That means I made the ear hole bigger. I was there with my wife and this other girl who was very experienced in ear piercing. I could tell she was experienced b/c she had about five or six piercing on her face alone… I trusted what she had to say.

Anyway, she was saying how gauging your ear does not hurt that bad, but she said that she was used to it and could endure pain. What was I going to do with that, say, “No I cant endure pain” of course I can. Honestly, I was a little nervous. But I followed through with it. I went home and got a hot shower (they said that helps it go through easier) then sat on the toilet as my wife forced the earrings through the hole that was too small. The first ear was not that bad, but the second we had to stop halfway through b/c she could not get it all the way in… I did not enjoy that so much.


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oh yes your a rebel smitty

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