Josh j Smith

Feeling Manly
March 28, 2006, 4:32 pm
Filed under: theology

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Demolition work is the best…sometimes. I was working with Dan, Mark, Larry, Chet, and some other guys renovating a youth building. I was the youngest most ignorant guy there. They all knew their electric, framing, plumbing, and I knew my ability to swing a hammer and eat donuts. It was a lot of fun. We got to destroy. There is not too many times in life when you get to do this …on purpose. But in the midst of destroying, I stepped on a nail. Here I am with a bunch of guys, and I am sitting off to the side wiping the blood off with my sock.
Then, I called the doc about getting tetnis (? spelling) shot, and the office was closed – understandable. But in case of emergencies they have an Answering Service. So I talked to the Answering Service, and asked them about getting a shot and
she said, “I dont know I am just the Answering Service, I can take a message for you.”
I said, “But that wont help me until Monday”
she said, “Yeah.”
I said, “Ok”
It is interesting that the Answering Service is for emergencies, but only act as a live voicemail. Peace


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