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Sex & Love
March 30, 2006, 8:03 pm
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This is obvious to us. When we read the Scriptures we see a lot of scenes that involve someone having sex with someone they should or should not. On the surface it is really confusing because we see several sexual relationships that are completely gross and inappropriate, but never get confronted in Scripture.

However, recently I have experienced and learned something extravagant about love and intimacy in the Bible. it is in the the Song of Songs. There are several interpretation to this book and several proposals to the structure. I do not want to get tangled up in this, but I want to merely share what my perspective has been.

While a lot of the Scriptures uses explicit, sexual language for Israel’s relationship to God, this same language is used in Song of Songs, but not with the same context. It is communicating an intimate relationship between man and woman, and can be illustrated to the love relationship between God and his followers. With that being said, this is a sexy book/song and it has helped our marriage.

There are so many empty messages of sex and intimacy both in culture and church. How many times have you heard Song of Songs taught, or heard a teaching about how sex was meant to be? Intimacy is a beautiful thing that encourages mystery, searching, adventure, closeness, and fascination. I think, because we have not spoken and taught about this. Thus, that is why the media is getting all the attention, but is missing the real message of intimacy.

– Complementing my wife a lot more.
– Living with my wife as my fascination and not the movies, internet, or fantasies
– Covenantal Love between my wife and I and God.
– Enjoying and love… I just watched Elizabethtown
– Working at marriage and not just letting it happen

As most of you know i work with teenagers, and I am trying to think how to teach the intimacy, sex, the Song of Songs to teenagers in way that is not offensive and crossing the boundaries, but in a way that is real and honest about God’s language and experience for

Any ideas?


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LCBC just brought a guy in from texas and taught a two day semiar form song of songs. It was really good and helpful to the LCBC community and Megan and I.

It is called Song of Solomon. Check out

They have videos related to teens which maybe you could watch and get some ideas from…

later bud

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