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My toothbrush
April 2, 2006, 7:24 pm
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My toothbrush
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I have discovered a beautiful thing. However, I am embarassed of it …a little. I have discovered electric tooth brushes. Not, that I have never seen them… I have never used them. This experience is invigorating.

Thousans of little fiingers spinning round and round creating a constant message for the oral cavity. The vibration, the bubbles, the annoying sound of the little motor, it all adds to the experience of brushing teeth that I have never felt as long as I had teeth. It seems the opposite is true in the case of the electric toothbrush – I want to brush my teeth longer and more often. Rather than shorter and less frequent b/c it is brushing more per second than manual tooth brush. I try to get Gina to try it, but she has some thing against using the same toothbrush… I dont know.

I am embarassed b/c this is one of those things that is completely luxury. Something as simple as brushing my teeth, I fell into the trap of needing something bigger, better, and easier.


PS if some advertising person reads this and wants to use this for a comercial… at least give me a free toothbrush


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hey smitty, hows it going?? its ash from LCBC. i havean elctric toothbrush and its amazing and it also takes less time to brush my teeth…i totally agree with you….ttyl

Comment by Ash Singer

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