Josh j Smith

Puerto Rican Jesus
April 7, 2006, 8:58 pm
Filed under: theology

124827538 33Bc1Da7D0The other night at youth group, Mike, was the only person that showed from our small group. So, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. But, let me explain what small group has been like since the fall. I love the guys who are in my group, but as far as group dynamics and accomplishing something as a group, we have not been so good at that.
If you knew Mike, not having other people there in the group would not discourage him from being funny, or getting off topic. He is a tenacious Puerto Rican comedian. I love that… I guess our time together was different because I did not try so hard.

Since it was only us we snuck into the main auditorium of the church. I tried to turn on the lights, but it was computerized and way too complex for me to figure out. Mike tried punching all the buttons at once. I dont blame him, he is a boxer. We continued to walk into the dark, massive, room. Mike said, “What are you doin? I am scared. I cant see where you are. Are you going to attack me.” I said, “No, sit down.” So we sat there in the dark, massive room. Then I said, “Lets have complete silence for 5 minutes.” I acted like I had a plan the whole time, secretly I just wanted him to be quiet for once (by the way if read this he would be laughing because he knows he is like this… we are boys).

We sat for 5 minutes in the dark, then we talked about sitting in the dark. It was a great conversation. Then we talked about some other stuff. Generally, it was about God, love, life, Jesus, karma, etc. That conversation was about ten minutes. Then we prayed. Mike prayed for me, and he encouraged me a lot. I prayed for MIke, and I dont know if I did anything for him. But I prayed that the Holy Spirit would challenge, prod, comfort, and take over Mike’s life so much that anyone who he encountered would see a Puerto Rican Jesus. He laughed in the middle of the prayer, I chuckled, but I was completely serious.We stumbled into the lobby because our eyes were adjusting to the bright light, and we talked about how that was the first small group where we actually did something.


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