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April 24, 2006, 8:42 pm
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I am really frustrated. Sunday afternoon my wife and I went to Blockbuster with coupon in hand ready to choose our rainy afternoon entertainment. The discussion in the car was whether to get King Kong or not. My wife was reluctant to rent the movie. Not because there has been a lack of excitement in our friends’ opinions of the movie. Not because she would have rather rented a chick-flick. And, not because of the film’s rating. She was reluctant because she thought that she might get nightmares from it. I was nice, and said, “I can watch it while you are away,” but she said, “ I don’t want to watch it without you.” I suddenly became confused. However, after the movie my thought was, “Is it even possible for people to get nightmares from cartoons?” (those of you who have seen the recent King Kong movie, it is not a cartoon)

So we went into the store, and checked out. However, the coupon did not work for some reason, so I had to spend a fortune to merely borrow a movie. I could have decided not to get the movie, but by that point it was like telling a child he could not go to the amusement park after waiting and anticipating for hours in a ticket line. It just does not happen, and so the credit card seems to walk right from the wallet and back without thinking twice. I left the store five dollars poorer, but giddy as a schoolboy because we are about to watch King Kong after weeks of waiting and debating.

We watched the movie, and then we continued to watch the movie. After that, we continued to still watch the movie. The movie was so long we almost had to call off work the next day. I am afraid for when I will have to talk to God. I can see it now, God and I are walking and he looks at his watch and says, “You did pretty good, but a huge chunk of your life was wasted on that horrible movie Kong,” and I will respond, “Forgive those movie producers, they had no idea what they were doing.”

As much hype as this cartoon got, you would think they would have had people help create a film that might make it realistic. Anyway, didn’t this movie already exist? Woman falls in love with beast, town tries to kill beast, and woman gets upset. Besides the happy ending, I think Disney should sue for the copying of their cartoon.

Was it a cartoon? I know you can teach a monkey to do a lot of things. Grant it, they have been in several commercials lately, but come one, kung fu, karate, and the English language? My wife and I were getting so frustrated we began to yell at the movie, “Come on, get on with it! You got to be kidding me! Are you serious!” But the TV kept saying to me, “MMMMMMM, ROOOOOOAAAAAAAR!” Also, there were moments I imagined the conversation of the special affects artists creating the movie. One says, “How should we have Kong defeat this dinosaur?” A moment of silence, then abruptly the other says, ”I know I know, we can have him bite his tongue off, and then snap his jaw, and then play with it like a broken Jurassic Park figurine.”

In the end, we will say that we were disappointed, but the truth is… without the sour, the sweet is not as good (Vanilla Sky the movie). Also, movies are art, and the expressions are subject to the artists and the opinions are subject to the observer who experiences the artwork. Depending on the experience in which the artwork is viewed, and the observer herself, the masterpiece can exist as something totally awful or as something totally beautiful. Similar to a lot of things in life, but the one that comes to mind, is the church. This can be viewed in many different ways… so how do you see it, comment and let me know


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