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| sleeping hasn’t been the same |
April 27, 2006, 2:36 pm
Filed under: theology

135909614 Df7848F4F6My wife, Engelina…better known as Gina, has left me for a couple of days to visit California – a church trip. This is a totally new experience for me. There has been times when she was gone for a night, but it is five days this time… it really sucks! Along with sleeping, here are reasons why it sucks.
It is really lonely, especially at night time.

The house does not smell as good. Women smell better then men, it is a fact. So I cleaned today, that helped a little.

It is a little bit more chilly at night in the bet.

People start singing weird songs to you… Like This Bed Is Too Big With Out You by the Police

People have huge amounts of pity on you because they assume you cannot cook or anything without your wife. I had cereal and a Twix for dinner last night at 11pm.

Gina got hit on by the rental car guy. The guy went to the car and got his iTrip and let her borrow it the whole time they are there.

Also, she took the iPod, I am without my iPod for five days. Good thing I am not addicted to it.

Our pet fish, Sushi, seems really upset. Gina talks to him and spends more time with. She also feeds him a lot… I put him on a fast.

Saturday seems so far away.



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hey smitty where in Cali is Gina? im heading there for about a week and a half for a trip with the high school students, im going as a student leader. We’re heading to southern cali, its called El Centro.

Comment by Ash Singer

she is in lake forest, just outside Sandiego

but she is coming home today

Comment by jj smith

oh ok. i’ve heard of lake forest. i bet your happy that she comes home. no more being alone and most importantly you’ll have ur iPod back. lol

Comment by Ash Singer

Cereal and a twix, what’s wrong with that?

Comment by PJ

Smitty, I just realized that you got spammed on your comments. I think that is the first time I have ever seen that.

Comment by PJ

Why me? Why me? That job seems like it sucks, to go into a bunch of blogs and comment with crap like that.

Good times!

Comment by jj smith

hey saying hi back 🙂 im coming to pa in august/september. maybe see you then? katka

Comment by Anonymous

hmm…guess i dont really qualify for anonymous if i sign my name…oh well better then “other” 🙂

Comment by Anonymous

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