Josh j Smith

Death and Life
June 12, 2006, 8:15 pm
Filed under: theology

165926342 A07676684E O Recently our pet fish, Sushi, died. Many of you have gotten to meet Sushi. He was great. So I have decided to write him a little eulogy in memory of him.

Sushi, our relationship started with pity, and ended in pity. We had pity on him in the massive pet store that stored him in a small plastic cup with a little hole for air. If you ask me, the pet store was NOT so pet smart. We took him home, put him in a glass bowl, and then soon into a tank. We talked to him, We fed him. I tried to pet you. We made him angry by putting a mirror up to his tank (sushi was a Beta fish – Japanese fighting fish).

It ended in pity as we watch him die with a disease they call the “ick.” It began to eat away at him, and we had pity. We thought about Euthanasia, but we were hoping, and Gina was praying that the meds we gave him would help. That week was bitter sweet. He were dying, but we began to reminisce of all our memories we had with him as our first pet. Because he was the first and because I thought of the cool name, we will never forget sushi.

We have moved on. Gina had pity on another Beta fish. This fish we got for free, and his name is tumor because he has a tumor growing out of his face. The not so smart pet store was just going to let him die.


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