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Sermon on the Mount Part II
October 10, 2006, 10:09 pm
Filed under: theology

266378204 3343522F01[Luke 6.20-26]

Luke’s perspective on the Sermon on the Mount has a more intentional look at the “already not yet” theology of the Kingdom of God. The “already not yet” theology emphasizes the present struggle between good and evil. Kingdom has come, but has not fully arrived, thus there is deep tension that exists in the lives of those who strive to bring to the Kingdom to earth as it is in heaven. In this teaching, Jesus is explaining to his disciples that the cost now is well worth the return later. And the things that Jesus emphasizes as the cost are things that bring status according to values the world has set up. Therefore, his message is for the proud to be humbled, and for the humble to be encouraged.

So what does it mean for the Church to live this out – two things. First, it means hearing and understanding, and this could be difficult depending on what kind of hearer we are. If we are the proud this message it is very difficult to let this message resonate into our hearts. Often our response is very defensive where we justify not weeping, being rich, and being popular with everyone. However, if we are the humble we might find ourselves becoming somewhat nauseous because we know we have a lot and frequently want more, we seek popularity and status in all our social circles, and our hearts are often hardened and calloused because we distance ourselves from the difficult things that come with life having no real emotional connection with ourselves, others, and God.

Second, it is being the seed that was thrown on the good soil. Therefore, not being the seed where we hear and not understand, get motivated but soon fade, or get choked by the distractions the world offers. Being the seed thrown on the good soil means the Church is one who “hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and yields, in one case a hundredfold, in another sixty, and in another thirty.” (Matthew 13). Therefore, the Kingdom that is already-not-yet is exactly that. We listen, take in, live, and produce. As a result we are then able to see a glimpse of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven


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