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Charcoal Dust
November 23, 2006, 8:37 pm
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199135253 Dea8F73F0AThere was a time in my life when I followed the foot prints of my rabbi (teacher) that were embossed in charcoal dust. Jason Mitchell, unlike many, was a charcoal grill man. We spent many nights grilling to the sounds of Blues Traveler playing from his garage that sits right off his patio – where it all began ( a couple of years ago).
Months later when we (Chad, Ryan, Jason, Buhr, PJ – in spirit) were having a good time at Chad’s house grilling for my surprise bachelor party. The climax of the night was seeing my new CHARCOAL WEBBER GRILL resting nicely on Chad’s bed. The boys got me a new charcoal grill to carry on the message of charcoal grilling. It was at this point I began to be proud of taking on the responsibility of being the grill-man of the house.

Charcoal grilling is worth it on so many levels.
1. A big fire when you first light the charcoals
2. The anticipation of the charcoals getting at the right temperature – it is like the anticipation of beer fermenting.
3. The unique taste that comes from charcoal cooking.
4. The History – you have a sense that using charcoals is an ancient practice… so it is like returning to the roots of humanity.
5. The social aspect. While those coals are burning there nothing else to do other than talk.

Just the other day I visited my rabbi. I walked out on to that patio where remnants of charcoal dust still remain from cook outs we had years ago, but the altar does not. It was replaced with a modern gas grill. However, Jason enlightened me and said that it is borrowed. Yet, he still followed that by saying he was thinking about getting a gas grill. I felt betrayed. So I began to think through the many reasons why Jason, my rabbi, has lost the message of charcoal grilling.

1. Charcoal grilling is not the same without Hoochie Koochie Hot Sauce (only accessible in Texas ).
2. He covets Chad’s metro gas grill that gives false messages of simplicity, quickness, and beauty.
3. He has lost ears for the message. There are no more young followers to take on the charcoal dust of the rabbi.
4. It is possible he has lost touch with the art.
5. The lazy-as# American mentality has set in As it does with us all at times.
6. His blog has demanded more of his time – – link is to the right “Mitchell’s Blog”
7. It is possible that he has associated the simplicity and sleekness of the MAC computers in to his grilling preferences.
8. He just does not care anymore
9. He thinks having a tank of propane fuel is more manly than having a paper bag of rocks.
10. The presence of a massive, stainless steel, out door BBQ, in his head, does not compare to having a 36 in circle for grilling.

My only hope with this is that the message of Charcoal grilling will live on for all those charcoal grillers out there, and that people will laugh at this ridiculous blog.


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simply brilliant. i read this out loud to jenny and had to pause frequently from laughing so hard.

you know that some documents record that disciples would hide underneath the beds of their rabbi’s to learn how they made love. some would also hide in their bathrooms to learn how they took care of business.

is there anything i should know.

you have me thinking.

Comment by Jason Mitchell

Dude great post. Those old grillin days were good times had by all. I think it’s safe to say mitchell has officially sold out!

Comment by ryanholmes

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