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Got milk? Or…
March 19, 2007, 9:31 pm
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Gina and I finally found a faith community for which we are excited about. Within four weeks of attending their gatherings on Sundays we were invited to go over someone’s house for dinner. This is good.

The night was an unforgettable first-time dinner engagement for me. This is why…

First, the weather that night was a the opposite of the weather two days earlier. On wednesday it was a beautfful 70 degrees and Sunny. Friday, the night of the dinner, it was freezing, raining, snowing, sleeting, and there was ice all over the Road. We almost had to cancel.

Second, this is not unusual, but it added to the irony of the night – the third couple to join us was an hour late. It was a good thing that my wife and I ate a bowl of cereal before we left. Also, it was good because it gave us some time to get to know the other couple. Later they said they planned it that way…I wonder.

Third, in light of eating cereal. We discussed the benefits of using organic milk because it typically has less puss than the average grocery store milk. Yes, that is right I said PUSS! It is somewhat common in dairy cows and it is formerly know as “mastitis.” It is caused by an infection in the cow’s utter. I suggest reading the linked article so that your conscience can be settled.

Finally, previous to our conversation about milk, I started a conversation centered around potty humor, which, sadly, is common dinner-table talk in my circles. I started the conversation admitting that I peed the bed a couple nights ago. You are probably wondering how this conversation led into milk with puss. Or, you are assuming how the conversatiions got linked and are probably wrong. Therefore, I will explain. Peeing the bed led our conversation into health issues, which led into our frustrations with the health system in America, and this led to our conversation on organic foods – specifically milk.

This was Sarah’s (one of the people at the dinner) delayed reaction to the milk info as she tried to enjoy a bowl of cereal with average, non-organic milk…”.I was so grossed out but drank the milk out of my bowl nonetheless, all the while thinking it might not stay down as I went back to bed and attempted to fall asleep.”


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Milk goes through so many inspections and processes that it is free of all contaminants by the time it gets to your table. So, unless you drink straight from the cow, you (and nronronronro-ga) are free to drink up!

so, it’s worthless to go organic! geez, thanks for scaring me like crazy!

Comment by Matthew

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