Josh j Smith

May 8, 2007, 11:31 pm
Filed under: theology

The wonderful sounds of Jimmy Eat World was ringing through my ears as my body was crying out in anguish through the painful messages of the burning throat, sharp pain in the ribs, shortness of breath, and the ache of my legs. I attempted to run yesterday. By “attempt” I mean tried to run the distance I had set as a goal, two miles. I went the two miles, but only ran for about a mile of it.

The first half-mile was really easy because I was going off my adrenaline rush that was evoked by my preparation of going to run. It started with wanting to enjoy the beautiful day. Then I gathered the appropriate equipment. I was fully equipped from head to toe with my red bandana tied around my head, my large black headphones that are more appropriate for being a DJ and not a runner, my sexy, white iPod, and my Forest Gump Nike running shoes. Finally, I stretched my muscles and was limber and eager to start my journey. I felt so great running past all those cars as people watched, until later when people were probably concerned as I staggered into the road periodically.

I will try again tomorrow.

It made me think several things about Scripture and how it says to “run the race.”

I might let you know my thoughts after my next run.