Josh j Smith

June 20, 2007, 12:59 am
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When I was a baby it was a temperature dipstick.
When I was a child it was the dipstick used to scoop the powdered sugar in my mouth.
When I was a teenager it was the oil dipstick for my car.
When I was a college student it was the coffee stir dipstick.
Now, it is the urine sample dipstick that is a symbol of the present and future times that will revolutionize our life. This dipstick announced to GOOD NEWS to Gina and I that she is with child! I am going to be a dad… to someone other than Rumpert (our dog).


June 16, 2007, 4:10 pm
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I went on a retreat to learn how to pray. It is interesting and ironic. Ironic because we are learning how to pray by listening to a guy teach us how to pray, but we are not really praying. However, it is interesting. I admit I was skeptical at first because how is praying going to change my life by merely listening to someone talk about it. I have always understood improving a prayer life by just doing it more. But, as my speech teacher said in high school, “Practice does NOT always make perfect when you are practicing the wrong way.” Change first has to happen in our thinking and then in practice. Paradigms need to be shifted, perspectives changed. It is life through a crystal and not a telescope.

Growing up in Christianity you hear it all the time… we should spend time with God in the morning because he should be number 1 on our list for the day, early in the morning our minds are not filled with distractions, it is what everyone did in the Bible, so we should do it. Well people in the Bible also worshipped God naked in public; I have not seen this…yet.

I looked at this truth from a different angle and have pretty much convinced myself that praying early in the morning is a divine response from soul that is engrained into the our being. Although I have never made praying or meditating a continual practice in the morning, I have noticed that my soul is drawn to God in the morning. I don’t know what it is exactly. Maybe it is the peace, maybe the cool of the morning, or maybe it is the innocence of a new day, a clean slate. I think it is the latter. I think in the mornings, the start of a new day, we are experience a glimpse of resurrection. So why spend my resurrection moments rushing out the door to get to work, or watching cartoons, or surfing the internet?

It has not become a pattern for me yet, but I am now convinced it is necessary for my pursuit of God.