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August 9, 2007, 3:10 am
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Today was the first Midwife visit for Gina, Murray (we are having a boy!), and I. It was unusual from the beginning. We thought the appointment was at the end of the month but someone called to confirm an appointment for today. Also, when we got there, the office for the midwife was in an apartment building down town Baltimore. You can assume what I was thinking… “we are going to have a back-ally baby, what are thinking!” We walk into the office, or should I say apartment, and the wall is cluttered with happy family pictures with their new baby, hopefully taken with the families that birthed them.

The people were real confused of why we were there and thought that they screwed up big time because they did not have us down to visit today. However they managed to squeeze us in for an appointment. When we left the office, literally minutes later as we were pondering how the appointments got messed up, another Midwife calls and asks why we did not show up for our appointment… OOPS!

Anyway, as we were talking with the midwife in the office we asked about birthing tubs. So we asked how the baby does not drowned in the water when it comes out – she said, “We pick it up out of the water”… I thought -dah! She went on to explain that the baby does not take its first breath until they suck the mucus out of its mouth so when the air is available it will take its FIRST breath. How cool is that, even though Murray is alive and well inside Gina, I will see him take his first breath, I will see creation climax and yet begin at the same time. That is pretty gnarly!

Another little fact that I learned was that African Americans have more stretchy skin than white people, thus making childbirth a little more easier, interesting.


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midwife? don’t trust doctors???

lets hang out sometime. like, next time you’re in downtown baltimore…

Comment by Matthew

yeah whats a midwife again?

Comment by Josh

I AM SO PROUD OF BOTH OF YOU. Call me because we have an event the weekend we are supposed to hang out, and I think we should still get together.

You could come up hear and Andrea could go down there.

The event is with Sally Morganthawler at Biblical.

Comment by Scott Hackman

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