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Not Just a Cup of Coffee
August 12, 2008, 1:58 pm
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About three mornings a week Lee comes to visit me as I open the coffee shop.  Lee is from California and California is what describes him.  Although I only spent  a week in California I feel as though Lee’s jean, bear foot moccasin, hat, beard, and pony-tail wearing are typical features for a laid back Californian.  He is just what the east coast needs.   He is passionate about trying to figure out how everyone can have enough money, to stop worrying about dying and focus on living.  

Our mornings are spent drinking lattes and coffee talking about his next journal entry on red bubble. Philosophy Lee is what he likes to call himself when he is communicating his agenda for positive thinking.  Some read books, desk calendars, verse of the day, or for those of us who know nothing else- Daily Bread pamphlet you steal from the church pew.  For me it is chit-chatting with Lee.

It has been a blessing talking with Lee because he is outside the Christian norm.  It is one thing to brainstorm and dream about the implications of gospel in a seminary classroom or at church meeting.  It is another thing to talk with a friend outside the bubble, and yet still think of how Jesus is the author of redemption.  Most days we agree to disagree.  And some days I disagree just to play devil’s advocate with his philosophy.  It is fun.  

The beauty of it is that we both are seeking to make this world better with each moment, with each conversation, with each day, and with each neighborly encounter.  I would like to think that Jesus is present in the midst of our differences. 

What makes Jesus LORD is not my ability to prove it to Lee.  Jesus is LORD because his kingdom story emerges through our agendas.