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High School Musical
October 3, 2008, 1:41 pm
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Will anyone else admit to watching the movie High School Musical (the first one)?  

Will anyone else admit to liking it?  

My high school experience was nothing like that of Troy’s, but watching the movie definitely forced me to reminisce about my high school years.  

Like most musicals, it was a social commentary exaggerated for our entertainment purposes.  For the most part the musical was bubbly and happy.  I admit was a bit giddy after watching it, which made it difficult to fall asleep.  

I like how they emphasized the characteristic of people breaking the boundaries of their stereotype.  The jock was a singer or baker.  The skater was a classical musician.  The geek loved hip-hop dancing.  

On a more subtle level, I did not like how the movie encouraged over commitment.  I call it failure to choose.  Disney subtly communicated that we can have it all, that a busy, overworked lifestyle is good.  Deep down I think we are all afraid to say yes because that means we are saying NO to something else.


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