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Good Friday Thoughts
April 15, 2009, 3:34 pm
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Today is Good Friday.  Lent is coming to a climax and it will soon fade with the arrival of Easter.  All the efforts of denying myself will culminate into a beautiful celebration of resurrection.

I don’t like it.  After several years of practicing Lent, it is my first year I’m regretting this season ending.  I will get lazy without the purposeful struggle of denying myself.  I then question – what is the point of Lent if all I do is go through the motions of reading a Lent Reader, make small attempts of denying myself, and stop eating sweets just to enter back into my normal way of living on Easter Sunday?  It is as though the 40 days were an anti-vacation just to make my normal life better.  Or, like when western christians go on mission trips just to get a perspective of how “blessed” we are.

If that is all Lent amounts to, I have achieved being more selfish then when I began.  If that is all Lent amounts to, I suffered only to make my world better.  I suffered to stop eating sweets so that to eat something sweet in 40 days will be so much better.  It is not suffering, but merely delayed gratification.

The narrow way of denying myself has the expected blossom at the end the further I enter into the mess.  But it doesn’t happen because of something I did, blossoms spring because of a cosmic encounter.  The more I am able to enter into the mess the more I am able to rely less on myself.  In turn, the more Jesus is heroic.  In turn, the more I am grateful.

The struggle of becoming a new creation is Lenting all the time.  Becoming a new creation is the art of entering into our messy hearts to let Jesus in.


April 10, 2009, 12:26 am
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I am now learning to twitter. Becoming a parent and not having a job where I am behind the computer the majority of the day has wounded my technological abilities. And not being in Seminary. That was the time and network to sharpen my skills on frivolous things like this.