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Hot Wheels
August 8, 2009, 1:53 am
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We purchased a Hot Wheels for Murray and today I assembled it.

I remember my Hot wheels vividly. It was black with orange accents. The wheels were plastic of course. In fact the integrity of the cheap plastic wheels became vulnerable because I rode it so much. There were deep gouges from my off-road adventures I took in our single driveway. As I became more adventurous the gouges became cracks, and it was not long that the entire wheel was going to split apart.

The most exciting memory I have with my Hot Wheels was when my brother and sister dared me to ride down the steep hill that ran parallel to our street. Dennis Avenue was not the steepest of the hills around our house, but it was steep enough to be dangerous for a child to drive his holey, beaten-up, Hot Wheels down. It was overall a good trip until I approached the intersection realizing there is know way of stopping my Hot Wheels except using my feet. Now realize it was not meant to be used at high speeds, because I read the instructions. Some how I walked away; actually ran away crying with only bloody knee.

So just before bed I was gazing upon Murray’s Hot Wheels as a proud father happy with his craftsmanship of following directions and matching the decal numbers with the right spot. Gina, my wife, walked in the room and asked what I was looking at? I smiled, and responded, “Nothing.”  I don’t think she would have been prepared for my sentimental toy memories that were now turning into hopes and dreams for Murray’s adventures.


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Wow you have a mean brother and sister… definitely remember that and remember yet again riding our bikes down the other side of athalia and almost dying because of the car coming through the intersection!!!! I love childhood memories. And I love picturing Murray on his hot wheels! Good job Dad!

Comment by Jessica Smith

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