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August 13, 2009, 1:33 am
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I was a percentage point about month ago for the unemployment rate. It was frustrating, humiliating, and stressful. For those of you who think about trying to survive on unemployment wages – you cant.

Being unemployed is humiliating on a couple levels. First and obvious is being jobless and struggling to provide for the basic needs of your family. As a result, you become dependent upon family and friends to help you. In our case, many did so. My friend Will employed me to cut wood, do some roof work, and build some platforms for his church. My sister paid me the most generous hourly wage I have ever received to tear out a bush and trim some hedges.

The second humiliating thing about being unemployed is that to get a job you have to lower your standards for work much more than desired to get something that pays the bills. Lowering my standards meant returning to my first and most skilled trade – food. Therefore, I decided to stop in gourmet market across from where we used to live. I thought, “I love coming here as a customer, maybe I can get a job here. And, bonus, I can walk to work.”

I walked in. Asked if they were hiring, and found out a position had become available that day. I filled out an application, and Chef and one of the managers interviewed me. A couple days later I was wearing my Santoni’s hat, white jacket, and black checkered chef pants. Ironically, I love the job, and realized that cooking is something I love to do. It is a canvas I like to work on, and I am wanting to learn more about.

Santoni’s Marketplace and Catering – If you are in the Baltimore area you can contribute to my employment by visiting, using them to cater a personal event, or recommending them to your employer for corporate catering events.


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I am so happy for you and I am glad you love your job now. I am inspired by your fighting spirit.

PS thanks for the recognition in your blog 🙂

Comment by Jessica Smith

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